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The era of holographic shopping is here.

Augmented S.A. develops high-end solutions for the retail market. Our state-of-the-art software contains all the components necessary to create a truly virtual experience.

Wrist Sensor


Augmented adapts to your business model:

- Mono-Brand Shops
- Multi-Brand Shops
- Events, Public Places, Airports…


Augmented’s solution is perfect for watchmakers and other accessory merchants:

- Solve stocking issues
- Modernize your brand
- Increase sales


With augmented reality, VIP clients are able to virtually try-on a limitless amount of products and designs, without being limited by what’s in-stock.

- Enhance the luxury experience
- Solve availability issues
- Showcase new concepts and designs


Augmented fixes its eyes to the horizon. We are in the R&D phase of preparing this technology for other market verticals, such as the medical and educational sectors.

Product & Testimonials

Change the perception of your brand


We designed a system for clients to virtually “try on” a series of luxury watches and people loved it. Augmented’s HD screen acts as a mirror that displays the customer wearing the watch with 3D graphics. Customer see the watch as it would be worn from many angles, providing a superb user experience and stable total realism.

Walkthrough Videos

Change the perception of your brand and distinguish yourself from competitors


Augmented brings vision to business

B2B systems

Transform Your Business

Augmented Kiosks

A more noticeable and larger option that will ‘wow’ any potential client. Perfect for capturing attention and creating consumer buzz in public and competitive environments

Augmented Walls

Economical and sleek, our table system blends into any brand environment and is easy to set up and maintain. It can be directly embedded in a store wall or mounted in the window to capture public attention

Augmented Custom

We can create bespoke installations to suit your business and marketing goals. Possibilities for innovation are limitless.

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